Our Etsyversary Cometh!

Wow, can't believe our shop has almost been open for a full year (January 9 is the actual date).  This shop started as a way for us to share fun toys with cats.  It's amazing to see how many people (and their cats) are as excited as we are about the shop.  This makes us so happy, and we really couldn't do it without the support of our great fans, fantastic followers, and cool customers - THANK YOU ALL (and your cats!)
Picture of cat with heart toy
One of our models

Other cool stats from this year:

- Our first items were listed on February 9
- First sale was on March 6. 
- This year we also had our first blog features
- Our Facebook page has over 100 fans (which we are so grateful for!)
- The Twitter page we started later on, but it has over 20 followers
- We have learned so much this year through the helpful people on Etsy, in team forums, and have really gained knowledge from a few great mentors.
Cat bandanas rainbow
This year we started with a mission to provide cats durable toys that are affordable and fun to play with.  We also had mats in the shop right from the start, and eventually branched out to include these great bandanas, too. 

Much to our delight, our cats really like to wear them and show them off!  We hope that lots of people's cats can enjoy showing off their cute furry faces with our bandanas, too.  When people have purchased these and send us customer appreciation photos, they make us so happy to see! 

One Paw at a Time

When starting this shop, we knew it would be at a bit of a slow pace due to time constraints presented by life... but we always keep telling ourselves to do things "one paw at a time", and that really seems to be working. 

By the "one paw at a time" approach, we have had sales on 4 continents, and five separate countries this year.  Our Boot Camp buddy showed us a map program where we could track each sale as sales come in, so it's something we've been keeping up with - super fun to see the progress!
World map of sales
Map of sales around the world this year

Just Getting Started

This year as allowed us to learn what it takes to run a successful Etsy business, and to find the pace that works the best for our lifestyle.  2013 will be a year filled with the same mission - bringing durable, fun, affordable toys and other items to cats around the world.  Lots of ideas are already brewing, and we are very excited to pounce on the upcoming new year.  Lots to keep learning, lots to do... We are just getting started here!

Coming Soon...

Now that we are in the post holiday season, we have a bit of time to focus on new items for the shop.  Below are our newest creations that are not yet listed.  Stay tuned, they are coming soon!
Coming soon - New catnip heart toy
Coming soon - Shamrocks cat bandana
Coming soon - Shamrocks kick toy pillow
Coming soon - Heart cat bandana
Stay warm, furry, and purry... and have a happy start to 2013!  =^-^=
12/30/2012 03:04:44 pm

Paws up and concats on your Etsyversary!

1/1/2013 06:30:38 am

Thanks pretty kitty!

12/31/2012 12:49:54 am

we are so happy for your well deserved success!!! We are sure that things are gonna boom in 2013!!

1/1/2013 06:31:32 am

Aw, thank you for your enthusiasm! I sure hope you are right about this year! Happy new year =^-^=

12/31/2012 03:57:41 am

Congrats on all of your success! The new toys look wonderful too - I especially like the shamrock ones! By the way, our kitties love their Christmas/Chanukah presents :D

1/1/2013 06:32:37 am

Thanks lady (and furry friends!) Glad they like their newest additions :) My sister -loves- her earrings, by the way!

Best to you and your shop in 2013. Talk to you soon!

1/2/2013 11:48:32 am

Kelly, your blog is so much fun! I'm such a big fan of Mr. M!

1/2/2013 12:53:20 pm

Aw, thank you BHB! We're all big fans of your crew as well! Thanks for stopping by the site tonight :)


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