This week I was hit with a plethora of ideas for back to school catnip toys; that's right, a plethora!  At the shop, we have been gearing up for Halloween, but I feel like I shouldn't skip completely over September without doing something school related!  The ideas for new September cat toys are drawn up, but I don't want to spoil the surprises!  So instead, here are a few sneak peeks...
Photo of books
Do you have a cat who likes to help you read?  My cats get excited when I'm reading (or trying to).  They love to scratch against the corner of the book with their mouths.  So far their favorite books are legal fiction, books about wizards, and currently a certain fiction series about youth and civil uprising. 

Because they are such avid readers, I thought it would be fun to create a book that my cats could enjoy all on their own.  The only potential drawback I can see is that when they are done playing with their own catnip book toy, they will still want to come "help" me read my real book!  Who am I kidding though, I will absolutely still allow it!

Something I've heard a lot from people is that their cats love to play with larger toys, too!  It's a challenge to find interesting kick stick toy inspiration, but I have done just that for this back to school season!
Photo of a ruler
Measuring fun, one inch at a time =^-^=
First up: a ruler.  I think these will be so fun!  After the cats are done playing, they can even sit down and use the ruler toys to help with their homework (although I'm not sure how accurate the ruler toys would be as a straight edge, since they are going to be made of fabric... but I digress).

My next back to school kick stick idea?  A pencil!  Growing up I always remember stocking up on new pencils when going back to school!  Granted, cat's don't have thumbs, so these toys probably won't be a good idea to actually try to write with, but they will be great to play with, instead!
Photo of an apple
Apple cat toy inspiration - yum!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away!  We like healthy cats, and what better time of year to make an apple toy than right at the end of summer / beginning of fall?  Granted, we don't recommend for any cats to actually eat the apple toy, but instead I'm sure they'll love to play with it! 

They may even get extra bonus points if they bring it for their teacher on the first day back to kitty school, you never know.

Photo of apple, book, and ruler
Apple, books, and ruler... cat toy inspiration!
Other ideas are on my radar from this week's brainstorming session, but more on those some other time.  Today's focus: back to school for kitties!
It is hilarious to me that I take all this time to come up with new ideas that will be fun and awesome for cats... and then I turn around, look down, and find my cats hanging out with this huge (cat-sized) lizard stuffed animal that my husband won at an amusement park.  Clearly the lizard wins over any idea I might have shown these two cats today.
Cakes (Zazu, we just call her "Cakes" for no reason) looks like she is riding a horse, I can't stop laughing when I see her laying on this lizard.  I want to ask her where she is going, but haven't asked yet.  Maybe laying as a catloaf on the lizard makes her have adventurous dreams!  ...and maybe I should stop interrupting my cats and this new lizard friend of theirs while they are all trying to take naps, because obviously I am not amusing them as much as they are amusing me!

I always pay attention to my cats when they are checking out random items in the house, to see what qualities they like the most from the items, and translate those into new creations.  I think they like this lizard so much because he is super padded, and just the right size for a single kitty to sleep on at a time (so are the cat mats I make!).  The lizard's tail doubles as a kick toy, too (I have kick toys!).  Who knew I would have to compete with a silly amusement park toy that isn't even supposed to be a cat toy?! 

Time for me to get to work, Mr. Lizard; you have motivated me =^-^=
This is going to be a quick post, but were are excited nonetheless!  The lovely Wicked Karma Jewelry featured Bax Cat & Co. on their blog today!

Please feel free to visit the writeup by clicking this link

Thank you, Wicked Karma Jewelry!  =^-^=
The above link was put in so that Bloglovin could see that I do, in fact, own this blog!  Tonight I'm looking far and wide for fun blogging communities to be a part of.  Bloglovin is quite neat in how it organizes all of the blogs that I follow in one easy place.  Pet blog networks are up next, those are where the excitement (and cat people?!) awaits!
My cats loathe when the doorbell rings, or anyone knocks on the door.  Halloween, therefore, is NOT necessarily their favorite time of year! 

This year they are in luck... I plan on distracting them with some fun new black & orange Halloween cat toys!  The catnip will make them happy, crazy, and then they'll all be nice and asleep by the time trick or treaters come by with the dreaded doorbell ring (I hope). 
Photo of halloween cat toys
A whole group of fun Halloween catnip toys and mats we have for your special cat! Click on the photo to go to our shop's Halloween section.
We have pumpkins, bats, broomsticks, Jack o'lanterns, ghosts, witch hats, and much more!  Celebrate black & orange with us this season, your cat will be so happy!  I'm a little early with this sentiment but... Happy Halloween to you and your cats!
We love our friend Hazel Jane McBunny!  The cats do surprisingly well around her, and she seems to like being around them, too.  I only let her out when I am in the room, though, because you can never trust that a cat's instincts won't kick in when they see a bunny hopping around in the house. 

Hazel loves to be a part of the cat toy making process, and is very helpful around the Bax Cat & Co. studio.  Her favorite activities include: hopping around and playing the with the cats, sniffing at fabric, trying to bite the cord to the iron when I am ironing fabric, and stretching out to take naps throughout the course of the day.
This morning I've been on the hunt for a local veterinarian to see Hazel because she was breathing rapidly and acting unlike her usual fun self.  Surprisingly, not a lot of places in my area have small animal specialists.  Rabbits need vet care, too!  After an hour of calling around and looking online, I was able to find a vet in the area who can see her.  My paws are crossed that she is ok. 
Here are a few good resources for rabbit owners, and other pet owners, too:
- Local Vets
- House Rabbit Society
- American Humane Society
Baxter was such an awesome cat.  He was a tuxedo (black and white) boy who really loved to explore, sleep, and play!  He has been gone from us now for two years; how quickly that went. 

I just wanted to take today and pay tribute to him, because he was very cool, and we all loved him (still do!)  His playfulness and willingness to be fun with other cats are both inspirations for me with Bax Cat & Co.  I'm sure he would approve of the items I make, and that makes me happy!  Thank you, Baxter, for being such a great cat friend; I'm glad we got to know each other. <3

(More about Baxter & the rest of our team can be seen here).
Photo of catnip bat toy
Organic catnip bat toy for cats
Halloween cat toys are coming soon to the shop.  I have a number of draft listings to edit, and will list the items soon starting this weekend, and continuing through September! 

I'm excited about some changes with the shop.  Older items are going to be donated to a couple local cat shelters.  I am confident that the catnip in those toys is still fresh, but it's getting closer and closer to becoming stale, and it's selling in the shop.  I'd MUCH rather give these good toys to kitties who will appreciate them while waiting for their forever homes! 

Further to that, When I make toys in the future I will photo them without catnip put in yet, and stuff them at time of sale.  Freshness of catnip is important, especially because I don't make refillable cat toys.  The toys that I am donating will then be changed to "made to order", with a note about fresh catnip being added at time of purchase. 

Also upcoming (this weekend, I hope) is a lot of work on my website.  Yes that's right, this very website you are reading right now!  SEO is my new friend, and I need to spend lots of time bonding with him over tea and cinnamon rolls (because they are SO DELICIOUS and I haven't had one in years). 

Speaking of things that are delicious, I'm a little in love with these customizable earrings by Haus of Ariella on Etsy!  Click on the photo to go to the listing =^-^=

Photo of cat earrings
Customizable cat earrings by Haus of Ariella on Etsy
So that's what's up, what has been up, and what will be up for me in the upcoming days and/or weeks.  Tell your friends about our new blog, We're right here waiting to share our Bax Cat & Co. stories with you!
Wow, we now have a website!  There are still things to update and do, but I hope this is a good start.  Stay tuned for more content, it's coming =^-^=

Thank you for supporting Bax Cat & Co. in our catnip-filled endeavors, we couldn't do it without you (and your cats!)