How is it October (almost) already?  September FLEW by!

Over the past week, the sewing machine has remained dismantled and the parts needed to fix it are on their way (bought two just in case the problem happens again in the future).  The loaner has been great, but my bobbins don't fit in it since it is quite old - it's difficult to work with just one bobbin!
Photo of sewing machines
The machines
Instead of sitting and waiting for the part to arrive, I bought some new fabrics for Halloween and winter holidays.  While I didn't have the energy to make everything today, I certainly made progress with making patterns and cutting fabric today.  Here are the fabrics:
Photo of fabrics
Festive fabrics
All of the shop's Halloween toys should probably be done by now, since it's almost October, but there are still a couple in the works.  I finished a candy corn toy, which is the first toy in the shop with one of our new fabric tags sewn into the seam; looks pretty cool!  My camera is on loan, so I can't list this one yet, but here is the basic idea (it's not blurry in person!)
Photo of candy corn cat toy
Candy corn catnip toy with our label!
I realize the color order choice is non-traditional when it comes to candy corn (which is usually yellow, orange, and white), but I am really happy with how cute this came out, and think the message of "hey I'm a piece of candy corn" still comes through in the design colors.  Also, I'm confident cats will have fun playing with it!
Photo of pumpkins
It must be fall
Here's hoping that the parts will arrive this week so I can get my sewing machine back up and running... time to get a move on the Christmas toys in October!  I guess that sums up all the odds and ends over the past week in the shop. 

Looking forward to a great new month ahead (and a working machine!)
We did it, we took the Direct Checkout plunge!  We now offer PayPal and Direct Checkout to our customers.  Excited/curious to see how it works. 

Happy Autumn!
Happy first day of autumn!  We are gearing up for Halloween at the shop, one new toy at a time!  We have bats, pumpkins, and now even a (friendly) ghost!  Still a couple left to be listed, too.  Here are some fun Halloween cat toys for your viewing pleasure.  The photos link back to the actual listing in our shop, if you get into the holiday spirit and want more info about any of the items :)
Pretty soon we are going to whip up some new goodies for Thanksgiving and the December holiday season... can't believe that time of year is coming up.  First things first: fix the sewing machine so the loaner can be returned.  All while sipping some hot apple cider?  Sounds like a great idea!
...cut up what you were working on, and start completely from the beginning again!  That's what happened yesterday, and starting from the beginning was such a good idea - the end result was perfect! 
This week I received a wonderful personalized cat ring from the funky cool Etsy shop, HausOfAriella.  The shop's owner happens to be a cat person, which worked out in my favor when I saw this pair of customizable cat earrings that she makes in her shop.  What a cool idea - send in the photo of your cat, and get a cute pair of earrings in your mailbox with your cat's adorable face on them! 

I like wearing fun rings, so was able to buy a custom cat ring instead of earrings.  The day the ring showed up in my mailbox I couldn't open the envelope & box fast enough!  Mr. M's cute/silly face now gets to look up at me every time I wear the ring (somehow this helps make the days go by faster and even happier!)  I showed him the ring, but he just kind of sniffed it and was all "wow human, that's really terribly exciting... I'm so glad you showed me that *yawn*".  Whatever furry purry, you don't even have fingers long enough to wear rings on, so I wouldn't expect you to realize how cool thing ring actually is!  And then we had a cuddle nap-fest, and all was forgiven.
Photo of orange tabby cat
Who wouldn't want their cat's adorable face on a ring?!
Other cool stuff happening... The weather!  Fall fairs are revving up, people are putting pumpkins on their stoops and gathering Halloween costume ideas... and the apple cider doughnuts, apple cider, pumpkin pie, and seasonal coffee creamer flavors are all showing their faces once again (note: I don't drink coffee, but if I did I'm sure a little pumpkin spice creamer would be delicious in it).  Just this morning, I even gave in to the urge to eat an apple cider doughnut.  It's my second of the month from the same place... a very commercialized doughnut shop.  My next one will be from the fabulous homemade doughnut shop relatively near my home.  OR the next one will be from an orchard's store, where they bake them by hand and you can tell that they are made with love (and extra deliciousness, I think!)  Not saying the doughnuts I've had from the commercial establishment were bad, but I know that handmade cider doughnuts taste way better when extra time was spend in making them. 
Picture of leaf cat toy
Autumn maple leaf catnip toy!
This week I haven't been able to do much with my shop other than keep up with emails & forums, so over the weekend I was planning on evaluating where I'm at: I have a few toys to make & ship out to make some kitties happy, and want to start prepping for Christmas by putting the ideas in my head into action finally.  I still have a handful of Halloween cat toys in draft waiting to be listed, and a few items that are coming due for renewal.  September has been quiet so far, the kitties must be studying hard at school =^-^=  Still have half the month left, though!  My back to school cat toys are up and running, and I wish a happy school year to all the furry purry students out there!
Picture of autumn cat toys
Grouping of autumn catnip toys
Upcoming (so that I don't forget!): working on Christmas items; coming soon: cloth labels to include with each of our items; eat another cider doughnut; and create/ship the orders that are pending.  Also need to follow up with tracking shipments and leaving feedback.  A couple items are on their way to Canada at the moment, which sometimes takes a while for delivery.  Our paws are crossed that all deliveries will arrive smoothly and without delay! 
Picture of owl
Great Horned Owl print
Great Horned Owl print - detail
We entered a contest a couple weeks ago through LovelyLlorys blog and ended up winning this great owl print from PritchettPrints on Etsy!  Just wanted to share the happy owl news with you today!

Pardon the photos I took, he's much brighter than these.  He also arrived with a mat, and now I just have to decide where to put him and find a frame!  Good weekendy-type decisions to be faced with.

Who knew these blog contests could be such a hoot?!