We have finally listed all of our holiday items!  Each day over the last week we've listed one new holiday / winter item, to change up how we usually operate.  There are still a few more in the works with this new stash of fabric we picked up yesterday, so keep checking back for more!

Holiday / Winter / Festive Cat Bandanas

These new bandanas are in our shop's Cat Bandanas section:
Photo of cat bandana with birds fabric
Festive bird print cat bandana
Photo of cat bandana with snowflakes
Snowflakes cat bandana
Photo of cat bandana with stars print
Cat bandana with colorful festive stars

Holiday / Winter Catnip Cat Toys

Our four new holiday / winter catnip toys are in the Holiday Cat Toys section of the shop.  More to come soon here!
Picture of catnip cat toy with stars
Catnip kick stick
Picture of catnip pillow cat toy with snowflakes
Catnip pillow toy
Picture of catnip cat toy Christmas tree
Catnip Christmas tree
Picture of catnip Christmas stocking toy
Catnip Christmas stocking toy

Still To Come:

Here is a glimpse of fabrics for holiday toys / bandanas still to come!

Weekend wrap up

This weekend it finally happened: Christmas & holiday items are now created!  We have some fabulously cute bandanas for the season, as well as small toys, and even a new kick toy!

No sewing would have gotten done without the use of a good working machine.  I must admit, the new sewing machine we now have in the shop is a dream to work on.  As an added bonus, it's even pretty to look at! 
Photo of sewing machine
Our new pretty sewing machine

New Holiday Items

Here are all the items that we made over the weekend.  They are coming soon to the shop, and we hope to have them all listed by the end of this coming weekend, so people can prep with their kitties for the holidays.  *Note: We are also working on Hanukkah toys, for our Jewish kitty friends.  These toys are coming soon, too!*

Festive cat bandanas

This one is cute - white cotton fabric with fun colorful birds on it.  I think if you look closely there may even be a partridge (although, no pear tree!)

Photo of cat bandana with birds
Festive birds cat bandana
Stars cat bandana - perfect for the holidays
To go along with the white fabric/colorful accents, we also made this cute colorful bandana with festive stars strewn about. 

This listing is currently available in our shop here.

Moving on to one of our favorite new fabrics; this blue and white snowflakes fabric was too adorable not to make into a wearable cat bandana.  How festive the kitties who wear this will look during the holidays!

Photo of cat wearing snowflakes bandana
Really though, how cute is he?!
Winter catnip pillow toys

But what if my cat wants to play, instead of just wearing a bandana?!  Well, this weekend we even made new holiday toys!  This fun pillow cat toy is made out of the familiar snowflake fabric shown above.
Photo of snowflake cat toy
Snowflake fabric pillow cat toy
Kick stick cat toys

A new kick stick cat toy will be in the shop soon (current kick stick toys can be seen here in our shop).  We are excited about this one, and love the combination of the stars with the green middle fabric.  Cats love to rabbit kick, and this toy is a great size for them to do that to.  Complete with lots of certified organic catnip, of course!  Here it is, in all its fun glory:
Adorable colorful stars!
Fun festive kick stick cat toy!
Christmas tree catnip toys

And finally, what Christmas-loving cat's collection wouldn't be complete without a Christmas tree catnip toy?  This one makes us happy with it's green, and stars garland to dress it up!
Oh Christmas tree...
oh Christmas tree...
how lovely are thy branches!
Things are moving along nicely in the shop as people gear themselves (and their cats) up for Thanksgiving and beyond!  We will continue to work on these items and will bring them to the shop in the next several days, so lots of cats can enjoy them! 

Other Furry Purry News From the Shop

We are on Twitter! @baxcatandco if that's the method you prefer.  18 fans and counting (and thankful for each one!)

We are also on Facebook, and are a few "likes" away from reaching 100 fans - this makes us so happy to know that so many people support our furry cause!  www.facebook.com/baxcatandco

Time to go finish up Christmas lists, prep the rest of the items, and list them in the shop!  If you're still in the Thanksgiving spirit, we have Turkey bandanas here and turkey toys here!  Gobble gobble!

Keep an eye on our cat bandanas section, as that is where holiday/festive bandanas will be coming to... and in our Holiday cat toys section, for the rest of the toys described above.  Exciting times here at Bax Cat & Co! 

Are you and your pets excited for Thanksgiving and the holidays that follow?

Sewing Machines...

Photo of orange cat with bandana
Coming soon - festive holiday cat bandanas!
Shortly after my last post (you know, the one that said my sewing machine was back in working order), I worked on a few sewing projects and remembered other problems the machine had.  It seems to be mad at me for leaving it dismantled for so long while waiting for the parts to come in, so now it is fighting me when I try to use it.  It looks like a tension problem, and I'll have to address it again tomorrow! 

This is definitely a sign to start looking for a new sewing machine.  Any suggestions about sewing machine brands that you love?  I have always used Singers, but have seen either really good ones, or less high quality machines (erm, like mine currently, I'd say).  My current machine will be my backup machine, but I would like something a little heavier duty to work with on a daily basis. 

People have given me lots of suggestions on Etsy.  Here are machines I need to check out (note to self: check out these brands!)
- Bernina
- Brother
- Husqvarna (this one in particular was suggested)
- Huskvarna Viking
- Janome
- Kenmore
- Necchi
- Pfaff
- Singer Confidence
- Singer (Project Runway)
- Toyota

...and here are some sites I need to look at, hopefully to find a great deal!
- Overstock / Amazon / even Craigslist, I'd say

Hurricane Sandy...

The day after my machine was back in service, Sandy started rolling in.  It has been such an odd week because of the storm, and very reminiscent of last year's storm (almost to the exact same day as last year). 

We were left in the dark for a few days, and we are very hopeful that hard hit communities are able to rebuild safely and quickly, all while staying warm with their families and pets.  The shop was very quiet this week, which was good because we were focusing on staying safe, warm, and informed about the storm. 

Today I received the following information from the Humane Society of the United States, regarding pets affected by the storm, and ways to help them.  Here is the information.  It will be a long road ahead for many people and their pets; they can use all the help they can get.

Customer Service...

Photo of turkey cat toy
Gobble Gobble! Turkey catnip cat toy =^-^=
Something neat happened this week - we were quoted in an Etsy Blog post about customer service.  I really appreciate good customer service, and am honored to be a part of this blog post!  Here is the link to the post (click here to see it).

As you may or may not remember, I had quite an annoying customer service experience when ordering parts to fix my machine.  The flip side of that experience was a very pleasant transaction with a different parts supplier (here is the post about it!)

Throughout the power outage due to Sandy, I have been in contact with the local power company.  I noticed that the customer service reps are all fantastic - they are pleasant, and even though they didn't always have all the information I wanted (e.g. an eta wasn't available at first due to the number of outages), they were actually listening to and hearing me when I talked to them.  I am very appreciative of each rep I spoke to, and made sure to tell them that they are doing a great job.  Thank you, power company customer service reps (and crew on the streets who are working non-stop this week). 

Weekend Goals...

My shop is a bit further behind where I wanted it to be by November 1, but this weekend I plan on catching up with a couple more holiday items to list. 

Other things to do for the shop this weekend: photograph the new items, list them, promote them, order more shipping materials, re-list items that expired earlier in the year (and tweak the listings/titles/tags as needed)... As usual, I am sure more needs doing, but these few things are a good start as we get back into the swing of things. 

Hope you all doing well!  Wishing you a creativity-filled weekend!  =^-^=