This week I was hit with a plethora of ideas for back to school catnip toys; that's right, a plethora!  At the shop, we have been gearing up for Halloween, but I feel like I shouldn't skip completely over September without doing something school related!  The ideas for new September cat toys are drawn up, but I don't want to spoil the surprises!  So instead, here are a few sneak peeks...
Photo of books
Do you have a cat who likes to help you read?  My cats get excited when I'm reading (or trying to).  They love to scratch against the corner of the book with their mouths.  So far their favorite books are legal fiction, books about wizards, and currently a certain fiction series about youth and civil uprising. 

Because they are such avid readers, I thought it would be fun to create a book that my cats could enjoy all on their own.  The only potential drawback I can see is that when they are done playing with their own catnip book toy, they will still want to come "help" me read my real book!  Who am I kidding though, I will absolutely still allow it!

Something I've heard a lot from people is that their cats love to play with larger toys, too!  It's a challenge to find interesting kick stick toy inspiration, but I have done just that for this back to school season!
Photo of a ruler
Measuring fun, one inch at a time =^-^=
First up: a ruler.  I think these will be so fun!  After the cats are done playing, they can even sit down and use the ruler toys to help with their homework (although I'm not sure how accurate the ruler toys would be as a straight edge, since they are going to be made of fabric... but I digress).

My next back to school kick stick idea?  A pencil!  Growing up I always remember stocking up on new pencils when going back to school!  Granted, cat's don't have thumbs, so these toys probably won't be a good idea to actually try to write with, but they will be great to play with, instead!
Photo of an apple
Apple cat toy inspiration - yum!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away!  We like healthy cats, and what better time of year to make an apple toy than right at the end of summer / beginning of fall?  Granted, we don't recommend for any cats to actually eat the apple toy, but instead I'm sure they'll love to play with it! 

They may even get extra bonus points if they bring it for their teacher on the first day back to kitty school, you never know.

Photo of apple, book, and ruler
Apple, books, and ruler... cat toy inspiration!
Other ideas are on my radar from this week's brainstorming session, but more on those some other time.  Today's focus: back to school for kitties!
9/1/2012 05:10:12 am

your ideas sound so clever, original and I can't wait to see the finished products!

9/1/2012 07:32:33 am

Thanks! I didn't get as far with them today as anticipated, but they are definitely in the works!


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