Hi Bax Cat & Co. followers!  It has been a while since we've made anything, listed anything in the shop, or written anything on here.  BUT - good news!  The human is slowly making her way back to sharing her wares with you.  Just poking in this morning to give you a head's up.  It's a lot of work to keep up with the shop (and website, and blog, and social media)... but somebody has to do it!  Besides, we've missed hearing from our happy customers - adorable customer satisfaction photos and stories are what make this all worth it.  So... be on the lookout... because we're coming back, and soon!
Well, we've made it through winter - spring is finally here! 

Nothing too exciting has been happening in Bax Cat & Co. land, but we're getting a few things cleaned up behind the scenes in our shop before it can re-open.  Look for clean, simple designs and trusty favorite items to choose from for your cat when we return! 

Happy spring; we hope you and your cats are continuing to be furry and purry.  Thank you for your continued support! =^-^=
Polymer clay?  ACEO originals?  I really want to add a new category to my shop for cat art.  Another option is to open a second shop for cat art, but I think I need to keep my focus on making ONE shop great.  Besides, I already have my website, blog, biz cards, and everything in place for Bax Cat & Co!  Maybe down the road if I have the need I can open up a second shop dedicated to just non-cat-toy items (you know, the items geared towards human customers, not cat customers!) 

Other thoughts: might do a soft re-opening first and just have ready-to-ship items available, so that I don't have to sew (not ready to jump back into that just yet). 
Hello from Bax Cat & Co. land! 

How is everyone's summer so far?  Are all the pets enjoying themselves and staying cool?  Are you?  We hope so!  We aren't back up and running yet in the shop, but wanted to send you all warm summer wishes.  Keep those creative juices flowing! 

What is your pet's favorite summertime activity?  The Bax Cat & Co. crew loves long lazy cat naps in front of the air conditioner, and sipping cold water from their bowls.  Birds are also fun to watch, of course! 

I can't imagine going through summer in the fur coats that this cats have, so I try to keep them as comfy and entertainas possible.  So far so good :)
Picture of the ocean
Bahamas 2012
Happy summer to you and your pets; we would love to hear about their summer adventures! 

Stay cool, stay creative, and stick around, because we will be back for our grand re-opening of Bax Cat & Co. on Etsy soon! 
Today I put Bax Cat & Co. on vacation mode.  It's temporary, don't worry!

This month has been filled with lots of awesome sales, but I need a break, physically, from sewing.  The short story: I have a shoulder injury that needs to heal, and sewing aggravates it.

This is my first time using the vacation mode setting on Etsy, so I just hope that when I bring my shop back online, people will be able to find my items easily again! 

Everything is still up and running and we are reachable through the Bax Cat & Co. website, Facebook, etc. so feel free to contact our kitties if you have any custom ideas for when we re-open
Well, I did it again and didn't write for a month!  I know it's hard to believe, but my goal really is to write more on my blog (because I like it and think it's a fun space!)

April was pretty quiet around the shop, which was perfect timing for me to take care of non-shop related stuff in my universe.  Now I'm pretty excited to be this far into May, and am looking forward to the upcoming summer months, too!

Happily, I can report that May has been busier in Bax Cat & Co. land; people are prepping their cats with new fun summer toys and mats!  I just re-listed and renewed a bunch of items in my shop, and am up to 99 items.  It has been my goal for a long time to have 100 items listed... and it's so close!  I hope to sew this weekend and take some photos of new items.  The 100 mark will be reached soon, yay :)
Picture of picnic cat mat
Cat mat - who wants to go on a picnic?
Picture of cat mat picnic
Complete with a fork and knife
This is a cat mat that I made a little while ago.  I've been rooting for it to sell from the start.  Happy news: it sold a couple days ago!  This fabric was too cute not to buy (don't worry, the ants won't ruin your cat's picnic... or his nap).  I re-listed it in the shop today, because I'm proud of it and would love to share it with more kitties.  It's always fun to see what people buy from my shop, because I love everything that I make!

Speaking of things that make me happy... I also brought back this little bumble bee toy.  I ran out of this bees fabric a few months ago and then went on a mission to find it.  Luckily I did find it, and bought a bunch more.  It's so bright and colorful, and I really like the movement of the bees on it.  To me, it is one of my perfect spring/summer fabrics.  Here is the little bumble bee toy :)
Picture of bumble bee cat toy
Bumble bee catnip cat toy, enjoying some tulips
Picture of bumble bee cat toy
This little bee is having a fun flower visit
There is something very comforting to me about making toys and mats for cats.  Seeing these two (above) is like seeing an old friend.  Like "Hi, I remember when I first came up with your design... and then when I created you... and now I get to send you off into the paws of a cat who will hopefully have fun with you for a long time!"  Maybe I'm just silly, but I really take pride in the things I make for cats, and am happy when I get to share them with others. 

On that note... thank you for visiting my blog and my shop!  See you on here or over there soon.  Feel free to share us with your friends (and their cats!)


Back to the Museum We Go!

As you may (or may not) recall, we opened up the Musée de Bax Cat & Co. back in February as a forum where our crazy cat art can be shared with you.  The grand opening was a big first step - we don't share our art too often!  Your comments and feedback were all very positive, and we are so happy that you enjoyed your first visit!

Moments of Paws

Admittedly, this month our Etsy shop has been quiet.  The quiet month has allowed us to pause and think a lot about the shop's first year, and forward to the years ahead. 

It's so inspirational to hear from other Etsy sellers who are always looking ahead, whether to the next season, the next day, or the next year, with goals and milestones to strive for.  Although our April has been quiet, we are hopeful for more orders and new cat client interactions - we have new catnip cat toys and cat bandanas in the works!

A couple other events (in both the news and in our daily lives) have made us pause within the last week.  The message of hope, resilience, strength, and love have been abundant; these were the motivating factors behind our newest cat art today.

Our Newest Exhibit

Here it is - a tiny grey tabby cat seated atop a green mountain... with grand thoughts of love being shared as he gazes back at the viewer.  He is taking his own moment of "paws" and sharing what he thinks is important (quite frankly, we agree with him!)

ACEO card with colored pencil and marker.
Picture of grey tabby cat with heart thought bubble
Grey tabby kitten love
Another recent piece isn't cat related (Gasp!)  This red fox is sitting at the edge of his home, the forest full of birch trees.  There is something strong, serene, and wise about him as he observes us in his own moment of paws.

This is acrylic on canvas.
Picture of fox and forest
Fox forest

In Conclusion

This concludes our second trip to the museum, we hope you have enjoyed your visit!  Animals are our teachers, and we can learn a lot from them if we take a moment to "paws" and listen to them... What has an animal taught you today?

(Also, a brief unrelated note - thank you all for entering the giveaway put on by the wonderful hosts Caren & Cody.  Our two winners were chosen, and their new little catnip bird toys are in flight to their new homes as we speak!)
Our very first giveaway is happening right now - your cat could win one of these new fun catnip toy birds in the perfect springtime shade of green!
The birds of Bax Cat & Co.

Here's how to enter

All of the info about the giveaway can be seen here: Cat Chat with Caren & CodyThank you to Caren & her adorable furry friend Cody!  Side note: It was Cody's birthday, make sure to wish him a happy birthday! 

GOOD LUCK to you and your cats!  Your support is appreciated as always =^-^=

The birds of Bax Cat & Co.

Want to peruse through the other birds in our shop?  Follow this link to be taken to all of our birds.  Chirp chirp!  If birds aren't your cup of tea, we have other non-bird toys (etc!) too, fear not: Here is our shop.  Happy browsing to cats and humans alike!
This is a public service announcement about, you guessed it, lagomorphs!  (Rabbits, bunnies, our intelligent, social, and adorable-little-furry-friends).  Here is a great background on Lagomorphs.
Picture of a rabbit
As we approach Easter, the season during which people think getting a rabbit is a "cute" idea without being fully prepared or informed about rabbits as pets, let's talk about some important rabbit-related things.  (Keep in mind, this is just my opinion!  I am not a vet, but was the proud friend of two special bunnies in my lifetime and wanted to share some of my insights with you). 

As with any companion animal, it is important to do your homework about the needs of the particular species.  Rabbits are considered "exotic" and have different lifestyles than a typical cat and dog; here are some special facts about bunnies:

Rabbit-Specific Vets - When one of my rabbit friends became sick, I learned very quickly the importance of finding a veterinarian who has specific knowledge of treating rabbits.  Ask ahead of time if your vet does rabbit care.  If they do not, I found it helpful to ask for a recommendation of a local vet who does know the ins and out of rabbits as patients.  I learned that having a vet who is well-versed in bunnies and can help you make informed choices about the care of your rabbit (because they had a companion rabbit of their own), was truly beneficial to my rabbit's health and quality of her life when she went through an illness.
Picture of bunny fabric
Hippity hoppity!
(teeth) - Cool things to know about rabbits: they like to have things to chew on so that their teeth stay at a good length.  Maintaining good dental health in bunnies is important.  There are great wood houses and toys for rabbits out there on the market, everywhere from on Etsy to big box stores.  My bunny was always a fan of toilet paper tubes too, not necessarily for her teeth, but so that she could have fun and throw the tube around, or carry it around in her mouth (or wear it as a hat on her ears, which she actually seemed to enjoy). 

(nails) - A bunny's nails grow, and need to be clipped like our other companion animals' do.  A bunny vet is a good resource to use when learning how to clip a bunny's nails.  I found that different methods work for different rabbits, depending on the rabbit.  It is certainly possible to clip their nails yourself, but the bunny's vet can do it for you instead (the bunny vet is a valuable resource, did I mention that?!)

Food - Rabbits cannot regurgitate (sounds gross, but it's true).  I will leave discussion about the dietary needs of rabbits to the experts.  Please see the  helpful websites (at the bottom of this post) about the diets of bunnies (more info here, too).  I did lots of homework before getting my bunny, so I knew that her needs were different than cats' needs when it came to diet.  It's important to do your homework about these furry friends before bringing one into your home!
Picture of carrots
Carrots, not peppers!
Personalities - Rabbits are sweet!  They are playful, they are intelligent, and yes they are even stubborn little friends from time to time.  My bunny friend made friends with cats and grew accustomed to them from a young age.  Soon the cats came around, and they became fast friends with my bunny (under my supervised watch, of course!)  A rabbit is a time commitment like any other pet, and needs your attention!  Don't worry, they are very affectionate and easy to give your attention to. 

I'm not writing this to try to dissuade you from bringing a rabbit into your life as a companion animal if the Easter mood strikes you to do so.  Rather, I am asking you (and your family) to become educated about the care and needs of these wonderful animals first, before you take the plunge.  Being a bunny companion is a very rewarding experience that I will always speak highly of.  As with any type of animal that you welcome into your home, be prepared - gain the knowledge you need to be a responsible caretaker to your little lagomorph friend before deciding on a whim to get one.  That's my opinion, and I think it will benefit all parties involved for a long and happy life.

Here are two websites that I found to be extremely helpful when I had questions about my bunny companion.  Of course, if you have more specific questions, definitely ask your local rabbit vet.

House Rabbit Society

Thanks for reading, and have a very hoppy Easter!
Picture of rabbit
Have a safe & healthy holiday with your companion animals
Hello all - here is a happy spring group that I finished today.

I love seeing groups of items together.  New fabric combos (like these shown) make me happy!

Maybe if we all keep giving out springy thoughts, it will finally come.  Who's with me?! =^-^=
Springy group of cat toys & cat bandanas
Bax Cat & Co. is getting ready for spring... we have lots of new listings since our last post.  Feel free to browse with your kitties!  Here is our shop.  Have fun and see you soon =^-^=