Back to the Museum We Go!

As you may (or may not) recall, we opened up the Musée de Bax Cat & Co. back in February as a forum where our crazy cat art can be shared with you.  The grand opening was a big first step - we don't share our art too often!  Your comments and feedback were all very positive, and we are so happy that you enjoyed your first visit!

Moments of Paws

Admittedly, this month our Etsy shop has been quiet.  The quiet month has allowed us to pause and think a lot about the shop's first year, and forward to the years ahead. 

It's so inspirational to hear from other Etsy sellers who are always looking ahead, whether to the next season, the next day, or the next year, with goals and milestones to strive for.  Although our April has been quiet, we are hopeful for more orders and new cat client interactions - we have new catnip cat toys and cat bandanas in the works!

A couple other events (in both the news and in our daily lives) have made us pause within the last week.  The message of hope, resilience, strength, and love have been abundant; these were the motivating factors behind our newest cat art today.

Our Newest Exhibit

Here it is - a tiny grey tabby cat seated atop a green mountain... with grand thoughts of love being shared as he gazes back at the viewer.  He is taking his own moment of "paws" and sharing what he thinks is important (quite frankly, we agree with him!)

ACEO card with colored pencil and marker.
Picture of grey tabby cat with heart thought bubble
Grey tabby kitten love
Another recent piece isn't cat related (Gasp!)  This red fox is sitting at the edge of his home, the forest full of birch trees.  There is something strong, serene, and wise about him as he observes us in his own moment of paws.

This is acrylic on canvas.
Picture of fox and forest
Fox forest

In Conclusion

This concludes our second trip to the museum, we hope you have enjoyed your visit!  Animals are our teachers, and we can learn a lot from them if we take a moment to "paws" and listen to them... What has an animal taught you today?

(Also, a brief unrelated note - thank you all for entering the giveaway put on by the wonderful hosts Caren & Cody.  Our two winners were chosen, and their new little catnip bird toys are in flight to their new homes as we speak!)
Our very first giveaway is happening right now - your cat could win one of these new fun catnip toy birds in the perfect springtime shade of green!
The birds of Bax Cat & Co.

Here's how to enter

All of the info about the giveaway can be seen here: Cat Chat with Caren & CodyThank you to Caren & her adorable furry friend Cody!  Side note: It was Cody's birthday, make sure to wish him a happy birthday! 

GOOD LUCK to you and your cats!  Your support is appreciated as always =^-^=

The birds of Bax Cat & Co.

Want to peruse through the other birds in our shop?  Follow this link to be taken to all of our birds.  Chirp chirp!  If birds aren't your cup of tea, we have other non-bird toys (etc!) too, fear not: Here is our shop.  Happy browsing to cats and humans alike!
Picture of owl
Great Horned Owl print
Great Horned Owl print - detail
We entered a contest a couple weeks ago through LovelyLlorys blog and ended up winning this great owl print from PritchettPrints on Etsy!  Just wanted to share the happy owl news with you today!

Pardon the photos I took, he's much brighter than these.  He also arrived with a mat, and now I just have to decide where to put him and find a frame!  Good weekendy-type decisions to be faced with.

Who knew these blog contests could be such a hoot?!