Photo of cat toys and pumpkin
Two additional catnip toys for Halloween
Some days it feel like I'm chasing daylight.  Today I was taking photos of new Halloween items for the shop, and kept having to move my setup because the sun kept moving!  It worked out in the end, though, and now all of this year's Halloween items are listed on Etsy.

Pretty soon we will be setting the clocks back, and chasing daylight even more, before the sun starts to go down earlier and earlier each day.  Time to savor every minute!

Now that Halloween items are all listed, and with only one more Thanksgiving item to list, the upcoming weeks will allow us to shift and focus on Christmas (can't believe how quickly that time of year is approaching).
A couple weeks ago we rolled our our two thanksgiving items - a stylish turkey bandana and a round turkey toy.  This fabric was too cute to pass up!  Don't you agree?  (*bandana will be listed soon!)
Photo of turkey cat toy
Thanksgiving turkey toy - gobble gobble!
Photo of orange tabby wearing bandana
Today's set of Halloween toys can easily be paired up!  Two pillow toys and two cute bandanas in spooooky fabric.  How it would be if someone dressed their cat in a bandana Halloween night to help pass candy out =^-^=
Cat bandana
Halloween cat toy pillow
Candy corn cat bandana
Catnip toy candy corn
This is our first holiday season as a shop on Etsy, so we're trying to: plan ahead, read through all the materials given by Etsy, and come up with great new items for cats to enjoy.  True, many stores already have their Christmas groove in place, but it's time for us to dive in and catch our own Christmas wave. 
Photo of cat toy Christmas stocking
Catnip cat toy stocking - one of our upcoming Christmas items... get ready!
In other news... we signed up for Direct Checkout a few weeks ago so our customers would have more payment options if they shopped at our store.  A great thing that comes with Direct Checkout is the ability to shop our items with a gift card.  We haven't seen any gift card activity, but these are a great option to give as gifts in the upcoming season!

When reading up on how gift cards work, we found these links very helpful:
How to find shops that accept Etsy gift cards
How to purchase a gift card
How to redeem your gift card
Cat nap on a jack o'lantern mat
Time for us to go dream up some ideas for white Christmases, red nosed reindeer, and sugarplum fairies! 

Here's to enjoying each moment of the day, instead of feeling like we are chasing it!  See you the next time around.  Stay furry =^-^=

We did it, we took the Direct Checkout plunge!  We now offer PayPal and Direct Checkout to our customers.  Excited/curious to see how it works. 

Happy Autumn!