Meet Bill!  This is Bill the Owl.  Bill is a cat toy made out of cotton, fleece, and felt, and has certified organic catnip in his belly.  He just recently hatched, and we are excited to announce that he has safely completed his migration to his new home!

Bill was so excited to meet his new cat friends that he wants his siblings to be listed in our Etsy shop so they can meet their new cat friends, too.  We are listening, Bill!  Not yet listed, but coming soon.  The owl fun continues.

Up next in our woodland creature invasion... foxes?!  Stay tuned =^-^=
Bill the Owl catnip cat toy. Hoot!
Couldn't resist... Henry now has a friend!  Listings are in the works for both owls, and we hope to have both of these catnip toys available soon in our shop.

Aren't they a hoot?
Catnip toy owl
This is Henry's new owl cat toy friend <3
Meet Henry, the owl we have been designing for the past several days.  He finally hatched today and we could not be happier!  He still has a little while before he gets listed in the shop; we want to hang out with him for a bit (and take listing photos too, of course).

What a hoot!  Are you and your cats big fans of owls, or maybe a different type of animal is your favorite?  We would love to hear from  =^-^=
Picture of owl cat toy
Owl catnip cat toy - he hatched today with all of his purple cute owlness :)
Picture of owl
Great Horned Owl print
Great Horned Owl print - detail
We entered a contest a couple weeks ago through LovelyLlorys blog and ended up winning this great owl print from PritchettPrints on Etsy!  Just wanted to share the happy owl news with you today!

Pardon the photos I took, he's much brighter than these.  He also arrived with a mat, and now I just have to decide where to put him and find a frame!  Good weekendy-type decisions to be faced with.

Who knew these blog contests could be such a hoot?!