Well, we certainly have been keeping our paws busy this month making sure that kitties across the land get their toys and bandanas in time for the holidays! 

Here are tonight's renewed items:
Short and sweet for now, but we will be back with more real soon!  =^-^=
12/15/2012 11:45:51 pm

absolutely adorable!

12/18/2012 01:58:24 am

Thanks Caren & Cody!

12/18/2012 03:25:21 pm

super cute! visiting you from the etsy interactive blogging team :) great blog!



12/20/2012 01:28:30 pm

Thanks for your support Saralyn! I'm glad to know that people find us through Etsy teams :) The squirrel on your blog is adorable (am now a follower!)


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