Hello from Bax Cat & Co. land! 

How is everyone's summer so far?  Are all the pets enjoying themselves and staying cool?  Are you?  We hope so!  We aren't back up and running yet in the shop, but wanted to send you all warm summer wishes.  Keep those creative juices flowing! 

What is your pet's favorite summertime activity?  The Bax Cat & Co. crew loves long lazy cat naps in front of the air conditioner, and sipping cold water from their bowls.  Birds are also fun to watch, of course! 

I can't imagine going through summer in the fur coats that this cats have, so I try to keep them as comfy and entertainas possible.  So far so good :)
Picture of the ocean
Bahamas 2012
Happy summer to you and your pets; we would love to hear about their summer adventures! 

Stay cool, stay creative, and stick around, because we will be back for our grand re-opening of Bax Cat & Co. on Etsy soon! 
caren gittleman
7/14/2013 05:08:40 am

same 'ol same 'ol here! Glad you are having a great summer!


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