My cats loathe when the doorbell rings, or anyone knocks on the door.  Halloween, therefore, is NOT necessarily their favorite time of year! 

This year they are in luck... I plan on distracting them with some fun new black & orange Halloween cat toys!  The catnip will make them happy, crazy, and then they'll all be nice and asleep by the time trick or treaters come by with the dreaded doorbell ring (I hope). 
Photo of halloween cat toys
A whole group of fun Halloween catnip toys and mats we have for your special cat! Click on the photo to go to our shop's Halloween section.
We have pumpkins, bats, broomsticks, Jack o'lanterns, ghosts, witch hats, and much more!  Celebrate black & orange with us this season, your cat will be so happy!  I'm a little early with this sentiment but... Happy Halloween to you and your cats!
8/24/2012 01:11:35 am

Too cute. This almost makes me want to get a cat just so I can buy cute toys! I live in a flat where pets aren't allowed but I've very tempted.

8/25/2012 12:28:45 am

Thanks, Monica! Let's hope they change the no pet rule in your flat so you can get a cat someday!

8/28/2012 11:46:20 am

Hi from the Etsy blogging team :) I LOVE this idea for kitties that will get scared during halloween! My kitten, Piper, is so cool and fearless, afraid of nothing- but she loves to try to escape out the front door so we will definitely be keeping her in our covered patio right off the family room so she can't get out, we've had too many scares this past year, we don't need any on halloween! I'm in love with the kitty mat, will it be in your store soon?


8/28/2012 12:25:04 pm

Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by :) (I am following you on BlogLovin' now; what a great blog you have!) Piper sounds so cute, and the patio sounds like a great idea!

The mat will be in my shop this weekend. There is only one, but I hope to get my paws on more of that fabric, because it's really fun, and perfect for the Halloween items! New listings come out on Saturdays, so please keep your eye out for it!


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