Picture of owl
Great Horned Owl print
Great Horned Owl print - detail
We entered a contest a couple weeks ago through LovelyLlorys blog and ended up winning this great owl print from PritchettPrints on Etsy!  Just wanted to share the happy owl news with you today!

Pardon the photos I took, he's much brighter than these.  He also arrived with a mat, and now I just have to decide where to put him and find a frame!  Good weekendy-type decisions to be faced with.

Who knew these blog contests could be such a hoot?!
9/9/2012 03:29:38 am

Wow, that's a gorgeous print! You were very lucky to win that :) I just love owls, I have since I was a kid.. I think they are beautiful!


9/9/2012 04:19:44 am

Hi Jamie! Thanks for your comment. Isn't it a great print?! The photos are dark (my fault), but it's a black and white print of a pen & ink that she created. It even came with a mat, so now all I need is a great frame!

Owls have always been in my life, too, but it's not until the last year that I started my small collection of owl things. Love them!


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