Meet Bill!  This is Bill the Owl.  Bill is a cat toy made out of cotton, fleece, and felt, and has certified organic catnip in his belly.  He just recently hatched, and we are excited to announce that he has safely completed his migration to his new home!

Bill was so excited to meet his new cat friends that he wants his siblings to be listed in our Etsy shop so they can meet their new cat friends, too.  We are listening, Bill!  Not yet listed, but coming soon.  The owl fun continues.

Up next in our woodland creature invasion... foxes?!  Stay tuned =^-^=
Bill the Owl catnip cat toy. Hoot!
1/26/2013 12:07:07 am

that is just so darned cute!! Love it!

1/29/2013 12:16:53 pm

Thanks, I think he's a hoot too :)

1/29/2013 06:58:09 am

I'm happy to let you all know Bill is very well loved in his new home, by our very large tabby in particular!

Thank you Kelly and Co!

1/29/2013 12:18:13 pm

Good news! I hope they are play friends with Bill for a very long time =^-^=

2/1/2013 05:10:12 am

Cute Hoot!

2/1/2013 11:22:44 am

Thanks Jayne!


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