It is hilarious to me that I take all this time to come up with new ideas that will be fun and awesome for cats... and then I turn around, look down, and find my cats hanging out with this huge (cat-sized) lizard stuffed animal that my husband won at an amusement park.  Clearly the lizard wins over any idea I might have shown these two cats today.
Cakes (Zazu, we just call her "Cakes" for no reason) looks like she is riding a horse, I can't stop laughing when I see her laying on this lizard.  I want to ask her where she is going, but haven't asked yet.  Maybe laying as a catloaf on the lizard makes her have adventurous dreams!  ...and maybe I should stop interrupting my cats and this new lizard friend of theirs while they are all trying to take naps, because obviously I am not amusing them as much as they are amusing me!

I always pay attention to my cats when they are checking out random items in the house, to see what qualities they like the most from the items, and translate those into new creations.  I think they like this lizard so much because he is super padded, and just the right size for a single kitty to sleep on at a time (so are the cat mats I make!).  The lizard's tail doubles as a kick toy, too (I have kick toys!).  Who knew I would have to compete with a silly amusement park toy that isn't even supposed to be a cat toy?! 

Time for me to get to work, Mr. Lizard; you have motivated me =^-^=
8/28/2012 02:33:01 am

Cats ALWAYS adopt as their own items that weren't meant for them to adopt! lol
Cody has two Detroit Lions pillows that are shaped like stuffed Lions. Does he sleep in his countless cat beds? Nooooooo...he sleeps on the Lions that are NOT intended to be beds for cats!

8/28/2012 12:13:00 pm

Thanks for sharing, Caren - it sounds like he's a funny little guy!

9/10/2012 05:42:03 am

OMGaaa You are my new best friend!! I am way into cats.. its a little silly!! Lovin your blog!! Following on BlogLovin!!

9/10/2012 01:43:59 pm

Thanks for the support, Tami Rebekah! Glad to know there are other cat people who appreciate the blog!

Amber Long
9/12/2012 05:52:03 am

Cakes on that lizard may be the best thing I've seen in a long time!

9/12/2012 11:55:00 am

Isn't she hilarious?! Makes me laugh whenever I turn around and see it happening :)


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