Photo of catnip bat toy
Organic catnip bat toy for cats
Halloween cat toys are coming soon to the shop.  I have a number of draft listings to edit, and will list the items soon starting this weekend, and continuing through September! 

I'm excited about some changes with the shop.  Older items are going to be donated to a couple local cat shelters.  I am confident that the catnip in those toys is still fresh, but it's getting closer and closer to becoming stale, and it's selling in the shop.  I'd MUCH rather give these good toys to kitties who will appreciate them while waiting for their forever homes! 

Further to that, When I make toys in the future I will photo them without catnip put in yet, and stuff them at time of sale.  Freshness of catnip is important, especially because I don't make refillable cat toys.  The toys that I am donating will then be changed to "made to order", with a note about fresh catnip being added at time of purchase. 

Also upcoming (this weekend, I hope) is a lot of work on my website.  Yes that's right, this very website you are reading right now!  SEO is my new friend, and I need to spend lots of time bonding with him over tea and cinnamon rolls (because they are SO DELICIOUS and I haven't had one in years). 

Speaking of things that are delicious, I'm a little in love with these customizable earrings by Haus of Ariella on Etsy!  Click on the photo to go to the listing =^-^=

Photo of cat earrings
Customizable cat earrings by Haus of Ariella on Etsy
So that's what's up, what has been up, and what will be up for me in the upcoming days and/or weeks.  Tell your friends about our new blog, We're right here waiting to share our Bax Cat & Co. stories with you!

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