Happy first day of autumn!  We are gearing up for Halloween at the shop, one new toy at a time!  We have bats, pumpkins, and now even a (friendly) ghost!  Still a couple left to be listed, too.  Here are some fun Halloween cat toys for your viewing pleasure.  The photos link back to the actual listing in our shop, if you get into the holiday spirit and want more info about any of the items :)
Pretty soon we are going to whip up some new goodies for Thanksgiving and the December holiday season... can't believe that time of year is coming up.  First things first: fix the sewing machine so the loaner can be returned.  All while sipping some hot apple cider?  Sounds like a great idea!
9/27/2012 05:51:53 am

Wow, super cute those cat toys. :)

9/27/2012 02:05:31 pm

Thanks for the nice comment, Dianda!


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