You meowed about our art, and we listened!

We love exploring museums, and this last week were able to visit a museum we had never been to before.  Imagine how much fun a museum would be for the cats to play in?!  The curators (and maybe some artists, too) would probably frown on the idea though, so the cats stayed home.

In our last post, we included an image of an orange tabby observing a field of flowers... and then yesterday on Twitter, we posted a couple other ACEO drawings that came out of our furry minds when our paws met the paper.  Today, for your ease and viewing pleasure, here is our curated mini-mewseum of the cat art we have made since opening our shop. 

Your cats are welcome at our Bax Cat & Co. museum!  Heck, you can even visit the museum shop after your visit to give your cat a new fun creation!  Gather your furry feline friends around, and enjoy your stay at our first exhibit at the Musée de Bax Cat & Co!
Orange tabby cat art
Orange tabby cat observing a field of flowers ~ Colored pencil and markers ~ 2012
We love flowers, cats, and colors!  This cat is just taking a moment out of his busy day to reflect on the field of fantastic flowers. 

As you know, the Olympics were in London in 2012.  This inspired our next to creations.  First... tabby cats in lots of colors with the simple word "CAT" underneath them.  We draw because we love it, and these guys came out so simple, but they have a certain charm to them in their little smiling faces that we hope you enjoy =^-^=
Picture of tabby cat art
Colorful grinning tabby cats ~ markers ~ 2012
Once again inspired by the London vibe brought on by the hoopla of the Olympics, here is a Union Jack made mostly with pop art cat heads throughout - red, white, and mew!  This is perfect for the cat-loving Anglophile indeed.
Picture of cat art Union Jack
Pop art cat Union Jack ~ Colored pencil and markers ~ 2012

Months later, new cat art is here

The images above were in our shop, but when they expired we didn't renew them.  Perhaps because they weren't priced well?  Perhaps because we thought no one likes our art as much as we do!

The next two pieces are the ones we posted yesterday on Twitter and received such nice comments about.  These make us happy, and it's very nice to know that other people enjoyed seeing them as well!

These are both ACEO sized, so they're pretty mini, but that makes them all the more adorable and happy in our eyes. 

First up... what does your cat think about?  Maybe this?  Who knows!  The swirls add a movement that all of our cats have - they never want to sit still (unless they are napping for hours on end, of course).  Enjoy.
Orange tabby cat art
Orange tabby cat thoughts / dreams ~ Colored pencil and markers ~ ACEO ~ 2013
At the end of a loooong nap, a delicious meal, or hours of running around the house, it's definitely going to be time to clean your paws.  Here's a cute orange tabby doing just that, against a backdrop of colorful flowers.
Orange tabby cat art with flowers
Orange tabby cat bath with flowers ~ Colored pencil and markers ~ ACEO ~ 2013
Thank you for visiting our first art installation at Musée de Bax Cat & Co.  It's difficult to share our art, but by putting one paw in front of the next, we can become more brave, more confident, and keep creating cat art to share with you!

Thanks for looking, hopefully this made you smile; this post has been quite enjoyable to curate (did we mention how much we -love- museums and art?  It's true!) The future will bring many more installations of our cat art from Bax Cat & Co... and who knows, maybe someday it will be available in our Etsy shop.  One paw at a time =^-^=
2/24/2013 03:59:43 pm

so exciting! I love the title of the post, too. My fav so far is Union Jack.

2/25/2013 06:11:36 pm

Thank you! This first exhibit was opened to the public because of your feedback about the art... thanks for the nudge :)

2/24/2013 06:20:25 pm

I love your art! I really love the orange tabby cleaning his paws! What a lovely mewseum >^..^<

2/25/2013 06:13:03 pm

Thank you - I hope you and your cat friends enjoyed your visit!


Meow. Great post! Your art is inspiring. Must show my cat lover friends. :)

2/25/2013 06:14:26 pm

Meow back at you! Thanks for visiting. Yes, please feel free to share with your friends and their cats. I hope they all enjoy - the more the merrier =^-^=

2/25/2013 05:05:08 am

Adorable! I draw and you are making me feel guilty that I DON'T. :)

2/25/2013 06:15:56 pm

Thanks for your kind words :) Don't feel guilty, I do it in waves... these were made over a several month spread. Your encouragement has helped motivate me to share them, so thank you for that =^-^=


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