Our very first giveaway is happening right now - your cat could win one of these new fun catnip toy birds in the perfect springtime shade of green!
The birds of Bax Cat & Co.

Here's how to enter

All of the info about the giveaway can be seen here: Cat Chat with Caren & CodyThank you to Caren & her adorable furry friend Cody!  Side note: It was Cody's birthday, make sure to wish him a happy birthday! 

GOOD LUCK to you and your cats!  Your support is appreciated as always =^-^=

The birds of Bax Cat & Co.

Want to peruse through the other birds in our shop?  Follow this link to be taken to all of our birds.  Chirp chirp!  If birds aren't your cup of tea, we have other non-bird toys (etc!) too, fear not: Here is our shop.  Happy browsing to cats and humans alike!
4/2/2013 01:16:54 am

Thank you so much for allowing us to do your first give-away! Your birdies are PRECIOUS and soooo well made! We are hoping that you sell flocks and flocks of them! Love, Caren and Cody

4/2/2013 02:35:18 am

That's wonderful! Congrats on your first giveaway - I'm going to head over and enter :D

4/2/2013 02:21:26 pm

Thanks! Exciting stuff :) Good luck to you and those kitties of yours!


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