We have finally listed all of our holiday items!  Each day over the last week we've listed one new holiday / winter item, to change up how we usually operate.  There are still a few more in the works with this new stash of fabric we picked up yesterday, so keep checking back for more!

Holiday / Winter / Festive Cat Bandanas

These new bandanas are in our shop's Cat Bandanas section:
Photo of cat bandana with birds fabric
Festive bird print cat bandana
Photo of cat bandana with snowflakes
Snowflakes cat bandana
Photo of cat bandana with stars print
Cat bandana with colorful festive stars

Holiday / Winter Catnip Cat Toys

Our four new holiday / winter catnip toys are in the Holiday Cat Toys section of the shop.  More to come soon here!
Picture of catnip cat toy with stars
Catnip kick stick
Picture of catnip pillow cat toy with snowflakes
Catnip pillow toy
Picture of catnip cat toy Christmas tree
Catnip Christmas tree
Picture of catnip Christmas stocking toy
Catnip Christmas stocking toy

Still To Come:

Here is a glimpse of fabrics for holiday toys / bandanas still to come!
11/19/2012 01:28:34 pm

verrrrry nice!

11/19/2012 07:39:21 pm

Thank you! The shop is now fully stocked, as of a few hours ago (I FB'd you with a couple listings, for your viewing pleasure!)

11/21/2012 05:05:37 pm

OOhhh My sweet Vera has been so good this year!! I think she deserves some presents :)

Have a great Thanksgiving !

11/22/2012 02:29:13 am

Aw, what a cute name! You have a happy Thanksgiving, too!


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