We love our friend Hazel Jane McBunny!  The cats do surprisingly well around her, and she seems to like being around them, too.  I only let her out when I am in the room, though, because you can never trust that a cat's instincts won't kick in when they see a bunny hopping around in the house. 

Hazel loves to be a part of the cat toy making process, and is very helpful around the Bax Cat & Co. studio.  Her favorite activities include: hopping around and playing the with the cats, sniffing at fabric, trying to bite the cord to the iron when I am ironing fabric, and stretching out to take naps throughout the course of the day.
This morning I've been on the hunt for a local veterinarian to see Hazel because she was breathing rapidly and acting unlike her usual fun self.  Surprisingly, not a lot of places in my area have small animal specialists.  Rabbits need vet care, too!  After an hour of calling around and looking online, I was able to find a vet in the area who can see her.  My paws are crossed that she is ok. 
Here are a few good resources for rabbit owners, and other pet owners, too:
- Local Vets
- House Rabbit Society
- American Humane Society

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