Sometimes the best way to get over a creative block is by walking away for a bit, until your brain is refreshed.  Other times, the best way is by just... starting!  I have been facing a creative wall for about a week (my creative juices became frozen with the dropping temps this winter)... low motivation, lacking the desire to sew.  I don't even know why; sewing is fun, and I like the whole process from beginning to end, through when a cat somewhere in the world gets to enjoy a cat toy I made! 

So... why couldn't I just start to sew?  I don't know!  I recognized, however, that it is ok!  I didn't lose my love for the creative process, my brain was just telling me that it needed a break.  I have a lot to think about in this new year with the shop.  Now that it is more than a year old, I need to nurture it, market it, continue to reach out to its target audience, and continue to spread the word.  Maybe the big picture items assisted with the wall I was facing? 

Maybe I was subconsciously comparing myself to other shops that have a million more sales than me?  Maybe I was just having a tiring week, and sewing didn't feel like something I wanted to tackle, so I stepped back from it.
Picture of green celtic fabric
Celtic inspired green fabric I worked with today
All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.  ~Eckhart Tolle
Maybe the world was getting in the way of my inner stillness!  That makes sense.  Today I finally relaxed, and became extremely motivated to go to the art cave (my sewing space, which doesn't look like a cave at all!).  I worked for a couple hours on sewing, cutting, pinning, and prepping lots of new items with two new fabrics that I bought.  I even moved the fox toy along a bit more, since I now have black felt for his ears, tail, and paws.  It was a glorious jolt of energy, and it reminded me that is really is ok to jump in and START the sewing/creative process, because sometimes that is the best way to get over the creative wall that likes to get in my way from time to time.

Heck, I'm on such a roll today that I'm back to write this entry here!  Hi to my fun blog, I'm sorry to have been neglecting you in my creative block week! 
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  ~Pablo Picasso
Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to draw something.  Perhaps a cat?  I would love to bring cat art to my shop again (had a few drawings up several months ago), but it's something I am hesitant to share with people.  I've never really taken an art class, but I really enjoy drawing/creating onto paper and would love to share that with people who enjoyed it! 

In other news...

The shop is slowly but surely being re-branded!  We have a new Etsy shop banner (which can be seen here), new custom listing graphics for the shop (I don't have any in use right now, but they are cute!), and new "Thank You" graphic (as seen in yesterday's blog post). 

There is also a new adorable avatar, but I am very partial to the one that I already use for the shop (a photo of our orange tabby friend); this is what we use for all of our other networks, too (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).  People are very happy about this photo, so I don't plan on changing it to the adorable new avatar graphic (although I really appreciate the time the designer took to make it, and maybe I'll change my mind in the future, who knows). 
Picture of orange tabby cat and black cat
The shop's other adorable avatar option
Along these same branding lines, I need to re-visit my business plan now that we have a full year under our furry belts.  I would also like to get matching business cards to bring everything together (and stickers for packaging!)  These are the big picture items that are dancing through my head lately, and they will be worked on piece by piece until they are completed! 

I really want this business to be a success, and we all work hard on it every day, even if no items are being sewn one day or another.  Let's not forget marketing either: I will be reaching out to different cat blogs, cat networks, and any other cat avenue I can think of to spread the word about my furry mission. 
Lots to do, but I am looking forward to it, in spite of any creative wall I may face in the future, or have face in the past.  It is all part of the creative process, and I love every second of it.  I hope you have a creative and art-filled week... I certainly will! =^-^=
Picture of orange tabby in flower field
Orange tabby in a flower field =^-^=
2/18/2013 09:13:00 pm

Thank you for this post. You seem to have re-discovered your creative juices! I have a very special persian cat in my life, her name is Booboo. I will follow you through BBN to be kept up to date with your posts and products. Have a great day! xx

2/18/2013 11:20:00 pm

Thank you for the comment (and the follow), Lauren! Booboo sounds very pretty. I appreciate your support =^-^=

2/18/2013 11:59:44 pm

I think all of us who create go through "dry spells" and moments when we "wonder why" and then we slip into our "art caves" or "writing caves" and begin again. Artists are sensitive sorts, it can't be something that is done on DEMAND, it comes from within.
As for your drawings? Charming!! Post them! I was a
"pre-Art" major in High School and do I draw now? NO! But I need to. I ended up majoring in Rhetoric & Communication in college and art went out the window......remember, please yourself first!

2/22/2013 08:38:39 am

Thanks for the uplifting words! Sorry to take so long to write you back, I've been soaking in some art museums actually. I have a very similar background to yours... and it IS definitely important to remember what I love to do, and keep doing that (all while incorporating CATS into it, of course) =^-^= My shop is a great mix of art/creativity and cats, I really love it :)


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