Polymer clay?  ACEO originals?  I really want to add a new category to my shop for cat art.  Another option is to open a second shop for cat art, but I think I need to keep my focus on making ONE shop great.  Besides, I already have my website, blog, biz cards, and everything in place for Bax Cat & Co!  Maybe down the road if I have the need I can open up a second shop dedicated to just non-cat-toy items (you know, the items geared towards human customers, not cat customers!) 

Other thoughts: might do a soft re-opening first and just have ready-to-ship items available, so that I don't have to sew (not ready to jump back into that just yet). 
8/11/2013 03:48:08 am

Unless you are adding art to something like CafePress or Zazzle, I would keep it all under one main Etsy shop. I think it will give you a nice presence there and if it were me, I would just add another category.

8/28/2013 04:54:06 pm

I would leave it under the same shop too. Why build a new reputation when you already have one?


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