Today I put Bax Cat & Co. on vacation mode.  It's temporary, don't worry!

This month has been filled with lots of awesome sales, but I need a break, physically, from sewing.  The short story: I have a shoulder injury that needs to heal, and sewing aggravates it.

This is my first time using the vacation mode setting on Etsy, so I just hope that when I bring my shop back online, people will be able to find my items easily again! 

Everything is still up and running and we are reachable through the Bax Cat & Co. website, Facebook, etc. so feel free to contact our kitties if you have any custom ideas for when we re-open
caren gittleman
6/16/2013 11:46:31 pm

oh no!! I hope your shoulder heals with the rest!

6/17/2013 02:03:27 am

Thank you :)


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