Thank you

We just wanted to extend the gratitude of the Bax Cat & Co. team for all of your support in our furry journey!  Don't worry, although we haven't been posting the last couple weeks on here, we are still here! 

Some weeks we face lulls, other weeks we are so busy we focus all of our energy on creating orders... but through it we remain positive knowing that there is a cat (or cats!) at the end of our hard work who will start to purr when he/she plays with his/her new toy, wears a new bandana, or sleeps on a new mat that we made. 

Although we haven't been around the blogosphere in the last couple weeks, please know that we appreciate your support, and we look forward to many more happy cats and their humans!  Love creating for and working with you all, human and cat alike =^-^= 
2/18/2013 12:16:57 am

That was a super sweet post! HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!

2/18/2013 08:01:58 am

Thanks Caren & Cody!


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